The Roche pRED Innovation Centres

The Roche pRED Innovation Centers

With every experiment we do at each of our sites, we learn something more about understanding disease, right down to the molecular level.”
William Pao Head of Roche Pharmaceutical Research and Early Development (pRED)

Scientific advances happen at the interface of disciplines. Roche pRED is set up to maximise these interactions, encouraging its 2,200 talented scientists to collaborate, take risks and push boundaries between disciplines.

With seven Roche Innovation Centers located around the world, we bring together a rich diversity of specialties and capabilities. We actively encourage sharing of expertise, information and collaboration across our sites around the world under a single pRED structure. Working together, we want to provide curious minds with a unique environment in which to experiment.

Each pRED Innovation Center is home to leading experts in their field. Facilities are specifically designed to house the latest technologies. Below you can find an overview of each site.

Roche Innovation Center Basel

In Basel, at Roche’s birthplace 125 years ago, we continue to make major investments in new research facilities that will last way into the future. More than half of pRED scientists are based here, in the heart of Switzerland’s rich life science community. Being co-located with other Roche functions outside research provides our people with unique collaboration opportunities.

Find out more about our Roche Innovation Center Basel.

Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen

Spearheading RNA molecule research since 2003, our site in Copenhagen is focused on leading chemistry for targeting any type of transcribed RNA using short synthetic single-strand oligonucleotides. Here, our experts in the field pioneered our core technology platform of locked nucleic acids (LNA) and antisense oligonucleotides (ASO).

Find out more about our Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen.

Roche Innovation Center Munich

Located in the vibrant biotech environment of Greater Munich, the Roche Innovation Center Munich is home to around 6,400 scientists and other specialists working for both Roche Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. Here the 550-strong pRED team boasts almost 70 years of experience in biochemistry and all disciplines of biotechnology up to industrial scale. The site hosts several pRED functions, including Large Molecule Research, the Oncology DTA, Pharmaceutical Sciences and pRED Informatics.

Find out more about our Roche Innovation Center Munich.

Roche Innovation Center New York

The Roche Innovation Center New York is the hub for pRED activities in North America, with leading experts in clinical operations and informatics. The focus here is on early clinical development, as well as accessing external innovation, from early discovery platforms through to advanced stage molecules.

Find out more about Roche Innovation Center New York.

Roche Innovation Center Shanghai

China continues to be a rich environment for healthcare research, and in Shanghai Roche has invested in state-of-the-art facilities for both Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. Here, pRED has significant research capabilities in areas including hepatitis B virus, antibiotics, immunology and inflammation. Our site also serves as an important bridge for partnerships with China’s government, industry and academia.

Find out more about our Roche Innovation Center Shanghai.

Roche Innovation Center Welwyn

In Welwyn, pRED’s team of experts in Clinical Operations and Clinical Pharmacology manage early development and clinical trials across all pRED therapeutic areas. The site is home to over 1,500 people working across a range of functions, including Pharma Product Development and Technical Operations.

Find out more about our Roche Innovation Center Welwyn.

Roche Innovation Center Zurich

Our research complex in Schlieren boasts a multinational team of some 140 mainly research scientists, situated within Zurich’s thriving biotech hub. As the origin of our pioneering glyco-engineering technology, the site has research teams in molecular biology, cell and protein engineering, process biochemistry, cell biological assays, histology, preclinical pharmacology and tumour immunology.

Find out more about our Roche Innovation Center Zurich.

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