We are a Roche Group company domiciled at Gartenstrasse (Basel), responsible for marketing and sales, medical affairs and the registration and quality assurance of Roche medicines in Switzerland. We have a workforce of around 150 employees from eight countries.

We work with dedication and passion in the fields of oncology, rheumatology, pulmonology and neurology in order to give patients the best possible support. Our top priority is giving patients with serious or life-threatening diseases access to our innovations.


Innovative products and indications authorized by Swissmedic since 2010 under the accelerated procedure


Clinical studies in Switzerland with more than 2000 patients since 2000


Anti-cancer drugs in Switzerland

What we do

As a partner in the healthcare sector, we are an important part of the path a medicine follows from research and marketing authorisation to dispensation to the patient. Our day-to-day business includes passing on specialist knowledge about medicines, planning and managing clinical trials, negotiating marketing authorisations and reimbursement prices in Switzerland and guaranteeing the availability, safety and quality of the marketed medicines. We use innovative pricing models to ensure that our patients get rapid access to our medicines.

Our management team

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Our company's stated purpose is “Doing now what patients need next”. For that reason, we work with great passion and respect in cooperation with various partners in the healthcare sector in order to improve the health and lives of patients in Switzerland. Our mission is to make medical solutions available today, continually expand access to innovative medicines, and develop innovations for the future. We put our heart and soul into achieving this.
Dr Oliver Bleck General Manager, Roche Pharma (Switzerland) Ltd

Remo Christen Director Market Access & Health Care Affairs
Dr. med. Jean-Marc C. Häusler Country Medical Director
Dr. Sven Inäbnit Director Governmental Affairs, Quality & Compliance
Sandrine Vogt Director Finance and Business Partnering
Rebecca Herdtweck Director Human Resources
Marios Ntinis Director Business Unit Neuroscience, Autoimmune & Rare Diseases
Dr. Sigrid Welte Business Unit Haematology, Oncology, Personalised Healthcare

Our mission

The values of integrity, courage and passion inspire the whole company and are carried all around the world. In Switzerland, too, we are working with integrity, courage and passion to give patients a better quality of life through faster access to new medicines. Innovation through scientific excellence is our answer to medical needs. Our goal is to permanently conquer diseases – through our combined efforts and with open minds.

Purpose of the Roche Group


Cooperation with service providers
ROCHE General Terms & Conditions for Service Contracts (PDF)
ROCHE General Terms & Conditions for Contracts of Work and Services (PDF)