For correct diagnosis and the right treatment for patients, healthcare professionals rely on diagnostic tests based on blood, tissue and other samples. Roche in Rotkreuz is one of the world’s leading suppliers of diagnostic system solutions for hospitals, laboratories and doctors’ surgeries. This is where all the central functions of the Diagnostics business are located. In collaboration with other global locations, we produce innovative solutions and develop diagnostic instruments for better healthcare.

A total of 17 different types of instruments are produced in Rotkreuz: from small compact devices that patients are fitted with by doctors and nurses, through to large integrated and fully automated solutions for hospitals and laboratories. Since 1969, over 118,000 instruments have been produced for use around the world. These products cover a wide spectrum of applications (including the diagnosis of infectious diseases or use in oncology, cardiology, intensive medicine and blood safety, as well as in women’s health screening). Our engineers are also working on digital solutions for our products. Roche Diagnostics regards the aggregation and interpretation of analytical results using digital solutions as an important future business area, with the aim of assisting doctors in their work by providing pertinent data management. Because this is how doctors obtain results quickly and easily, enabling them to give their patients the best possible treatment.

Rotkreuz is also the manufacturing site for some of the company’s molecular diagnostic reagents, not to mention the global centre of excellence for disposable consumables that come into direct contact with samples, including pipettes and glass tubes.

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