The Basel/Kaiseraugst site: An inspiring place to work

Diversity has been shaping Roche's success for a long time. And diversity is driven primarily by our employees ‒ their personalities, engagement, experiences, perspectives, and ideas feed our success every day. Over 11,700 employees from over 100 countries work at the Basel/Kaiseraugst site in 150 different professions. The Roche Basel/Kaiseraugst site is committed to providing an open, inspiring work environment where all employees can use their skills and talents to benefit patients.

*FTE: full time equivalent

A great place to work for diverse reasons


Diversity also accurately describes the career opportunities at Roche Basel and Kaiseraugst. From first-time employees to experienced managers, everyone at Roche has a wide range of opportunities to use and further develop their professional and personal skills and talents ‒ from traditional ongoing training and leadership development and coaching, to international job rotation programmes. Vocational training is also a priority at the site - for over 60 years now. Roche Basel/Kaiseraugst regularly trains around 300 apprentices in 14 different jobs.

A high quality of life is part of our package


Improving health and quality of life is what Roche stands for. And it starts with our commitment to health, wellbeing and making work a positive experience for our employees. Flexible work models and childcare near the workplace make for a successful work-life balance and help employees reconcile the demands of family and career. The Basel site also offers a fitness centre, an indoor pool and a number of other sports activities – and the staff restaurants serve balanced, healthy fare in a pleasant environment.

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