A site with a future

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Roche has a long-term commitment to Switzerland and to our Basel/Kaiseraugst site. If we are to remain competitive going forward, we must continue to evolve. Our strategic site development adapts constantly and flexibly to the development of Roche’s local and global business. This is how we make ourselves more attractive and competitive, which is essential for the company’s long-term success.

Between now and 2023, we are investing in a modern research and development infrastructure, attractive offices, and the site’s long-term development. Our employees are at the heart of this transformation. The new buildings are designed to promote dialogue in an attractive, inspiring environment and to offer

top-class facilities. Our long-standing traditions and high quality standards are upheld as we develop the site.

In all our building projects sustainability is writ large. We employ high-quality, durable materials, reduce our energy consumption and use renewable energy sources.

Shireen Uppal - 740x416
Considering how hard everyone works here and how important their activities are to them, I now know why Roche has been around all this time. And I believe it will be around for a lot longer.
Shireen, regulatory department