A site with a future

To remain competitive in the long term, a site has to keep developing. Our strategy is constantly and flexibly adapting to the development of Roche’s local and global business. This is how we boost the long-term attractiveness and competitiveness that are essential to the sustainable success of our company.


Outstanding working conditions today and in the future

Roche has a long-term commitment to Switzerland and Basel/Kaiseraugst as the corporate headquarters. That's why we invest in modern research infrastructure, attractive workplaces and sustainable site development. Our employees are a central part of our focus, and we provide them with high quality jobs in an energy-efficient, flexible and modern working environment.

Sustainable planning for people and the environment

Sustainability is a top priority in our construction projects. We build with high-quality, long-lasting materials, minimise our energy consumption, and use renewable energies.

We place great importance on safeguarding the quality of neighbouring residents’ living conditions. This is why, for example, only low-rise buildings are allowed on the edge of the site, while tall buildings such as Building 1 are erected centrally on Grenzacherstrasse. By concentrating construction on the existing industrial site, we will eliminate the need to build over green zones.

The new and converted buildings echo the architectural style in the Bauhaus tradition that Otto Salvisberg and Roland Rohn defined for Roche. This is characterised by superior architecture with clean lines that blends harmoniously into the cityscape.