Are you ready to make your first scientific discovery? During our ten-step tour through different buildings of the site you will accompany a molecule from its discovery to its final journey to the patients in the form of an approved drug. Each step includes a puzzle that needs to be solved before you can move on, much in the style of a digital escape room. 

How to play

This digital version follows the same principles as a real-life escape room: Enter each room and find an 8-digit code that will allow you to move on to the next room. Make sure you look at each hand-drawn clue. The photos of the rooms hold no clues. The puzzles range from visual to audio, involve numbers, letters, shapes, geography, music, and more! Trust your intuition, combine things in unexpected ways and just go ahead and try things out. One tip is to keep your eyes peeled for counts of eight given the 8-digit code, but some rooms are sneaky and need to be deduced differently. One puzzle requires the use of a mobile phone. You will also need a piece of paper and pencil to take notes.

Playing time varies depending on experience, from 40-90 minutes. See how quick you are! You may find this game is more fun to play with a friend.


Download this PDF to get a clue and the password for each level. The passwords can also be used if you want to take a break from playing and skip your passed levels when you return.

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