The Diagnostics division’s EMEA-LATAM regional organisation is headquartered in Rotkreuz and covers the largest geographic region within the Roche Group, including Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. In addition to EMEA-LATAM, there are three other large regional organisations: North America, the Asia-Pacific region and Japan.

The regional organisations are responsible for all aspects of the company’s business operations in countries and regions around the world. They also oversee the implementation of global processes in these regions and support Roche’s local branches, while ensuring constant compliance with local regulations and the company’s guidelines.

The EMEA-LATAM regional organisation is currently active in 155 countries around the world, where it provides support for the local Roche sites. In countries without their own Roche branch, EMEA-LATAM works with agents and suppliers in order to make the entire product range of diagnostic systems and services available to customers there.