Global Operations

Roche Diagnostics International Ltd Rotkreuz is the largest manufacturer of fully automated in vitro diagnostic systems in Switzerland. Since 1969, over 118,000 instruments have been produced in Rotkreuz and delivered to customers around the world.

The employees of this global function are responsible for the assembly and manufacturing of test systems and diagnostic instruments at the site’s production facilities, which cover roughly 20,000 square metres of space. A total of 17 different types of instruments are manufactured in Rotkreuz for use in settings ranging from doctors’ offices to large-scale laboratories.

Rotkreuz is also the manufacturing site for some of the company’s molecular diagnostic reagents. Employees in this function manufactured and shipped 166,600 reagent kits in 2011.

The Rotkreuz site is the company’s global center of excellence for consumables, which include items that come into direct contact with samples, such as cuvettes, pipettes and glass tubes. The consumables portfolio includes 160 different kinds of products that must adhere to highly specific technical and regulatory requirements while being able to be produced in large volumes. Around 4 billion consumables are needed every year.