Site Services

Site Services helps ensure that the Rotkreuz site can continue to offer attractive employment opportunities, which is crucial to Roche’s business operations, innovative power and growth. The department operates in an entrepreneurial manner and makes an important contribution to the company’s core business.

The department’s forward-looking, considered approach to site management helps meet the needs of the Roche Group and all the departments based in Rotkreuz. It also anchors and supports the company’s local activities and creates an environment in which employees actively contribute to Roche’s goals.

Site Services is the driving force behind a wide variety of programmes and activities that help the site—and thus all the departments and functions in Rotkreuz—continue to develop. The department contributes to the dynamic development of the Rotkreuz site, for example, in the systematic and carefully planned expansion and continual maintenance of the site’s infrastructure. The responsibilities of Site Services include collaborating on and implementing guidelines from the Group and the division, and therefore also actively supporting the work environment and the company’s services.