Expected by children with yearning, Christmas is associated with the desire for security, lights and family happiness.

Roche Pharma Switzerland has been decorating the Christmas tree in the former Carthusian church of the orphanage together with children for the big Christmas party for a few years now.


During these days, most of the young residents of the orphanage in Basel have the opportunity to return to their families. Nevertheless, there are children and young people who will stay in the facilities of the orphanage during this time. With a donation to accompany the tree decorations, Roche Pharma Switzerland gives these young residents the opportunity to take part in activities that go beyond the usual festivities and thus gives them a little Christmas.

Roche has been living traditional values for more than 120 years - creating values for the future. Sustainability and responsible conduct are an integral part of our corporate culture and everyday working life and form a cornerstone for the future success and development of the company. Social, economic and ecological aspects are equally important. This is why Roche Pharma Switzerland is also involved in activities n its own environment, such as this on for the Basel orphanage.

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