Sustainability is integrated into Roche’s corporate vision, values, operating standards and guidelines. This approach means no single department is responsible for managing sustainability. Instead, all employees are encouraged to integrate sustainable practices into their work.

Roche Pharma Switzerland employees met in September for a group forestry work under the motto "Building our Future Together", in a wooded area above Pratteln, BL.

Under the guidance of the district forester, around 120 employees cleared bat wood from a cleared area in a first step.

In a second step, it was about planting young sessile oaks on the newly cleared area, which better copes with the changed climatic conditions and longer dry periods than, for example, the original beech trees.

On one hand, RPS employees were able to make a valuable contribution in terms of sustainability and learn a lot about forest and sustainable forest management.

A real win-win situation. It will certainly be interesting to see how well the planted trees will grow and will form a new forest in a few years time. Which is a good motivation to return to the forest every now and then to follow the growth of the trees.

"As Roche Pharma Switzerland, we are firmly anchored in the Basel region and we are proud to be involved in such environmental activities," says Oliver Bleck, General Manager of Roche Pharma Switzerland.

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