Breast cancer patients had the opportunity to enjoy beauty salon treatments while chatting to others in the same situation.

Whether for a neck massage or advice on natural-looking make-up or a good skincare routine, many people seek out professional beauty salon services. Some on a regular basis, some as an occasional treat, such as a bride who wants to look her best on her wedding day. Or simply because they want to be good to themselves.

Appearance and wellbeing don’t mean the same to everyone, and for breast cancer patients, their appearance and wellbeing is often a key issue – during drug treatment or following surgery.

In October 2018 - breast cancer awareness month around the world – Rosalinda Macchia and Alexandra Schmidt from Roche Pharma Switzerland organised a very special campaign: at the Pure Urban Retreat in Basel, breast cancer patients could enjoy free treatments for one day.


When searching for a partner for this campaign, the two found an open door in the form of Teresa da Graça CEO Pure Urban Retreat: “My mother has breast cancer, I know what it means. I thought the idea of such a beauty day was great. And as we’ve already been offering special terms for Roche employees for 11 years, I decided immediately that our studio would take part and offer these women free treatments on that day.”

Then it was a question of how to make women aware of this offer. Rosalinda contacted the University Hospital's Breast Centre. They liked the idea and offered to tell the women they treated about the campaign. The managers also suggested that Andrea Imgraben, a specially trained breast care nurse, be available on site on the day for informal chats away from the hospital environment. And finally, the Basel Cancer League found the idea so good that they also became involved.

Many women took advantage of the offer and enjoyed a bit of pampering at Pure Urban Retreat in a very relaxed atmosphere. All of the women had their own individual story, but they all obviously enjoyed the body treatments: “It was pure relaxation!” “What an indescribable pleasure!” “How nice – that I had the chance to meet others in the same situation and also find out about other offers!” “Such pampering means a great deal to me!”

Dr Christian Kurzeder, Head of Basel University Hospital's Breast Centre, attended the event and saw first-hand how his patients benefited: “Illness often affects a woman’s sense of femininity. A beauty and wellbeing day is a true gift for them.”

More information for patients and their families can be found at Fokus Mensch (in German, French and Italian)

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