About Roche Switzerland
Throughout our 125-year history, Roche has grown into one of the world’s largest biotech companies, as well as a leading provider of in-vitro diagnostics and a global supplier of transformative innovative solutions across major disease areas. Our commitment to our people, partners, stakeholders and, most importantly, our patients remains as strong as it was on the first day of our journey.
  • 14.200 in Switzerland

  • 100.920 worldwide

  • 44% of the staff are women

  • 37% of the employed women are in leading positions

  • 100+ nationalities

  • >400 apprenticeships in 15 different professions make us one of the largest vocational training companies in Switzerland.

  • >3.000 new jobs have been created in 6 years

Our employees are the foundation of our success. Roche offers a working environment that gives employees the opportunity to build their careers and follow their interests. The key to a strong and successful workforce is diversity. With employees from over 105 nations working at the Basel/Kaiseraugst site, Roche in Switzerland also benefits from a rich corporate culture. The mixed composition of our staff is a guarantee for diversity of opinion, differentiated thinking and innovation.

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