Patient Safety

All medicines can have adverse effects in addition to their benefits, such as headaches or nausea - known as side effects. With all medicines, the benefits must ultimately outweigh the risks and the safety of our patients must be ensured during treatment. To make this possible, we at Roche, as well as the health authorities (Swissmedic), continuously monitor the safety of our medicines.

To do this, we rely on healthcare professionals, doctors, pharmacists and patients to report side effects. 

In addition, medicines must be used safely and patients must be informed about the side effects and the possibilities to reduce risks. With this in mind, we prepare educational materials for patients and health workers and do our utmost to ensure that the use of our medicines is clear and understandable.

  • Write down all your questions before you go to the doctor and ask them during the consultation with your doctor.

  • Have them explain to you what you need to watch out for and what you can do yourself to support the treatment. Make sure you understand exactly how to use the medicine. 

  • If you do not understand something, ask again. 

  • If you suspect that something is mixed up during treatment, speak to the health worker about it. 

  • Take notes during your consultation with the doctor and read carefully the documents you have been given by your doctor.

  • Make a note of any side effects and talk to your doctor about them. If you are afraid of suffering from a serious side effect, report it to your practitioner immediately.

  • Follow the instructions for taking your medication carefully.

  • Attend your treatment and examination appointments. 

Your attention can make an important contribution to the success of your treatment and to your safety. In addition, patients can also report side effects and help to improve knowledge about the tolerability and use of medicines.

Important: always inform your doctor about your side effects so that they can be treated.

To report side effects to Roche products, use or write us an email to or report side effects directly to Swissmedic via the following, which collects reports for products of all manufacturers. 


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