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At Roche in Rotkreuz, diagnostic solutions are developed and manufactured for use in clinics, laboratories and doctors’ practices, with the power to transform healthcare for patients around the globe.

Whether it's cancer, infectious diseases or other serious health threat, the search for a solution to some of health’s greatest challenges starts with, and depends on, diagnostics.

However, this field is still significantly undervalued. In fact, despite in vitro diagnostics playing a foundational role in improving health outcomes, supporting 70% of healthcare decisions throughout a patient’s journey, the field accounts for just 2% of global healthcare funding.

Diagnostics are an integral part of any decision-making process concerning a person's health, well-being or disease history. A diagnostic test alone can radically change the course of someone’s healthcare experience – and their life.

Our diagnostic solutions are based on three different technologies: molecular diagnostics, clinical chemistry/immunochemistry, and blood gas monitoring. Data and digital technologies are increasingly influencing healthcare and offering new opportunities. Digital diagnostic solutions can help to improve people's health. They enable healthcare providers to safely diagnose and treat diseases and increase their efficiency.

Finding innovative solutions to unsolved medical problems is the focus of our work. Our ideas and research help to save lives. Our focus areas include cardiovascular diseases, neuroscience, oncology, infectious diseases, rare diseases and women's health.

Various instrument types are developed, and in some cases, also produced in Rotkreuz: from compact blood glucose metres for use at home, to smaller devices that patients are fitted with by doctors and nursing staff, through to large, integrated and fully automated solutions for hospitals and laboratories. Our engineers are also working on digital solutions for our products. The aggregation and interpretation of analytical results using digital solutions offers optimal support to doctors in their work. This way, they receive results quickly and efficiently, enabling patients to receive the best treatment.

Rotkreuz is also the manufacturing site for some of the company's molecular diagnostic reagents. The Rotkreuz site also hosts the global centre of excellence for disposable consumables that come into direct contact with samples, including pipettes and glass tubes.

Our most important diagnostic systems

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