Green energy from the car park roof at Roche in Rotkreuz

Since mid-January 2019, Roche in Rotkreuz has been producing renewable energy itself thanks to the new photovoltaic installation on two car parks (P2 und P3).

In the space of three months, around 1,900 photovoltaic modules were installed across an area of 3,000 m². The two new systems produce a nominal output of 530 kW and an annual energy yield of 500,000 kWh. The energy produced, which could supply around 110 single-family dwellings, is used by Roche all year round for its own purposes, thereby contributing to an even more environmentally friendly energy supply.

Roche supports the ecological goals of Risch, winner of the European Energy Award

“We were already operating the Rotkreuz site with 100 % renewable energy and decided to install our own system. With the cost of photovoltaic modules falling, there are both good ecological and economic reasons for doing so”, Annette Luther, General Manager of the Roche site in Rotkreuz notes with satisfaction.

Ruedi Knüsel, municipal councillor and Director of Planning/Construction/Security for the municipality of Risch, welcomes this step too. “The municipality of Risch strives to support the superordinate goals arising from national and international agreements. We are particularly keen to reduce CO2 emissions and manage our resources sustainably and sparingly”, he says, explaining the strategy of the town of Risch, winner of the European Energy Award. “With this new installation, Roche has made an important contribution towards increasing the share of sustainable energy production in our municipality.”

Sustainability is a key priority for Roche at both local and global level

”The installation of the photovoltaic systems is just one of the many projects that Roche is implementing as part of its global and local environmental and energy policy”, explains Annette Luther.

Roche’s global environmental aims encompass all relevant aspects, for example economical and sustainable energy and water consumption or the continuous reduction of waste, and include clear guidelines and time frames. Roche aims, for example, to cut energy consumption per head by 15% by 2025, waste by 10% by 2020, and to increase the share of renewable energy sources as a proportion of total energy consumption to at least 20% worldwide by 2020.

In 2018, Roche was recognised as the Group Leader in sustainability within the Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences Industry for the tenth time in a row by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

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