Staying active despite haemophilia

Exercise in everyday life is important; also for people with haemophilia. With regular exercise and movement, the quality of life of affected people can be significantly improved. This contributes a lot to physical and mental well-being.

Targeted physiotherapy is an ideal complement to drug therapy for haemophilia sufferers, because regular exercise contributes a lot to physical and mental well-being. Thanks to targeted and regular physiotherapy, among other factors

  • the joints, bones and muscles strengthened and more mobile

  • balance and coordination improved

  • reduces the risk of bleeding

  • pain reduced

In principle, physiotherapy is suitable for all people with haemophilia. People with moderate or severe haemophilia and/or those with recurrent bleeding and chronic pain benefit particularly strongly from targeted physiotherapy. Mobility can be maintained and in some cases even improved.Together with the physiotherapist from the haemophilia centre, a continuous look is taken at which treatment options are most suitable for the individual patient. For example, an acute haemorrhage is not a stop. Thus, an acute bleeding does not necessarily mean that the programme has to be stopped.

Ideal exercises for everyday life:

Are you interested in how a physiotherapy consultation at the Haemophilia Centre works?

Watch the interview with Franziska Schweiger from the

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