Sustainability – our contribution

Roche has been committed to the environment for decades. As part of our goals for the next ten years, we aim to reduce our overall ecological footprint by half by 2030. The Rotkreuz site is already implementing various sustainable projects.

In addition to the ten-year ambitions, Roche is also pursuing mid-term targets up to 2025. The goals reflect Roche's ambition to achieve continuous improvements in the three dimensions of sustainability - environment, society and economy.

Every single Roche site is committed to implementing these goals. This also applies to Roche Diagnostics International AG in Rotkreuz.

The site
The Roche campus in Rotkreuz obtains 100% of its electrical energy from renewable sources. In addition, several photovoltaic systems feed renewable electricity into the site's own grid. However, this is not the end of the story for us. We use architecture itself to be sustainable. The newest building on campus, Building 12, proves that efficient and sustainable operation is possible despite the high level of comfort. The building features an innovative energy concept and is powered, among other things, by the seasonal geothermal heat storage system in combination with a heat pump.

With more than 20 geothermal probes, each 150m deep, the building can be cooled in summer and heated in winter. The surplus heat is in turn stored temporarily in the ground. In this way, the employees are provided with a pleasant room temperature all year round.

In addition to the geothermal heat, the supporting structure of the building is used as a heat reservoir. The concrete walls and ceilings offer a high heat storage capacity. Since the concrete reacts very slowly to temperature changes, even strongly fluctuating outside temperatures can be bridged.

Our products
A wide variety of diagnostic instruments are manufactured in Rotkreuz, and it is important to think about eventual disposal right from the start.

Analytical instruments have an average lifespan of seven years. Around 5,500 instruments are replaced every year. These instruments are made of valuable and reusable materials, which are recycled by an external company. Responsible end-of-life management of instruments - as well as reagents and consumables - is an important part of Roche's responsibility. We want to ensure that as many of our used products as possible are recycled. In this way, Roche is taking an important step towards a circular economy, where materials can be reused for something new at the end of their life.

Environmentally friendly catering
Around 70% of the municipal waste generated at the site is recycled, and we are constantly working to improve this rate. 

And our partners Eldora AG, which provides us with culinary services on a daily basis, also pays special attention to regional and seasonal dishes. Eldora AG has been committed to sustainability, fairness and environmental protection for many years. They are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions to increase their contribution, for example by using reusable take-away containers. Leftover food from staff restaurants also goes to BiEAG in Hünenberg. Biogas is produced there from the leftover food.

The dedication of everyone
We are constantly implementing projects and measures that contribute to the sparing use of resources, such as electrical energy. It is important to us that interested employees can get involved in environmental protection in a personal and uncomplicated way. That's why we have the EcoLogicals. This community enables all employees to get actively involved in environmental and sustainability issues, participate in events and launch their own projects. From urban gardening to projects to reduce air travel to bird watching, there is something for everyone.

As a company, Roche assumes responsibility together with its employees, as environmental protection is a high priority and is even anchored in our Code of Conduct: "Each and every Roche employee can and should contribute to the protection of the environment within their sphere of responsibility and influence."

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