Visitor day: A look behind the scenes at Roche in Rotkreuz

"Innovative", "open", "friendly", "a working environment that values diversity and inclusion", "it must be pleasant to work at Roche" - these were some of the impressions of the about 60 participants at the Visitors' Day, which gave a glimpse behind the scenes at Roche Diagnostics International in Rotkreuz at the end of March.

The company opens its doors several times a year to give an impression of what it is like to work at the site in Rotkreuz, what we produce, how we help patients worldwide from Rotkreuz and how we make our site sustainable.

Entire value chain in Rotkreuz
The site has undergone immense change since its beginnings over 50 years ago and today, with more than 2,700 employees from 70 nations, it is one of the most modern and largest employers in the region, attracting talent from Switzerland and abroad. Rotkreuz is one of several Roche sites in Switzerland and one of the most important in the Diagnostics Division. In order to develop and produce diagnostic solutions, Roche covers the entire value chain in Rotkreuz: product definition and development, production, distribution and sales, and finally customer service. Visitors were able to see part of this, e.g. the production, on the day of the visit. Many were surprised to learn that numerous Diagnostics products are manufactured by hand.

Solutions for a better health worldwide
Roche Diagnostics International is a leading global provider of diagnostic systems for hospitals, laboratories and medical practices. The Diagnostics Division develops advanced diagnostic solutions that can support healthcare professionals in making critical decisions for their patients’ health and aims to better embed these solutions into global healthcare systems - at lower cost, while ensuring the best results. Diagnostics makes a decisive contribution to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients. A single test can fundamentally change a person's life. Provided the samples are tested accurately. In the so-called showroom in Rotkreuz, the guests discovered a selection of the integrated solutions and also learnt that 29 billion Roche Diagnostics tests are carried out worldwide every year.

Holistic approach for more sustainability
In addition to the goal of ensuring a healthy life and promoting the healthcare and well-being of all people, Roche is focussing on continuous progress for society and the environment. Sustainability is a high priority for the company and is part of its strategy. Roche in Rotkreuz also aligns its actions with these values and has been committed to protecting the climate and the environment for many years. On the day of the visit, visitors learnt what measures the site is already taking. For example, the site is constantly working to increase its energy efficiency in order to operate emission-free by 2030. In addition, employees are organising themselves into independent "Ecologicals" groups to increase the company's sustainability. Specific solutions and offers for employees in terms of mobility also contribute to the company's sustainability. Guests were also able to familiarise themselves with the underlying concept.

The event concluded with an apéro in the LUNA Bar, which has recently been added to the catering options for employees. Here, the visitors had another opportunity to ask the experts questions, discuss aspects in greater depth or exchange ideas with each other.

The next visitor day is expected to take place in November 2024. Further information and the opportunity to register will be available at in due course. If you would like to find out more about Roche and its sites, simply follow us on our social media accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and X.

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