Roche celebrates Pride Month in June too!

June is the global “Pride Month”, when the LGBTQIA+ community unites under the rainbow banner. Pride is all about celebrating diversity and joy and highlighting the endeavour for equality, existence and acceptance. The month is filled with events, such as the Pride Parade, where the community comes together to remember all that they have achieved in their endeavour for equality of sexual and gender identity. At the same time it highlights the issues that still exist. 

At Roche, we believe that authenticity and diversity are key to innovation so we support our LGBTQAI+ community and celebrate Pride Month with our diverse staff and their families. The Roche LGBTQIA+ community is an important and lasting legacy of our culture. Celebrating and supporting it is paramount to our pursuit of an open and equal society.

On the occasion of Pride Month, many internal and external activities are planned at Roche worldwide in order to raise awareness, strengthen connections and foster collaboration. Finding community is particularly important for LGBTQAI+ people who often face discrimination or marginalisation in society. Coming together fosters our collective sense of belonging and builds resilience in challenging times. In that spirit, the Swiss Out, Proud & Equal Network (OPEN) - Roche's LGBTQIA+ network - is organising internal events for our LGBTQIA+ employees and their allies at various locations, such as a relaxed barbecue party especially for rainbow families or an Apéro as a closing at the end of the month. The regular events that OPEN organises, such as the Queer Coffee, Lunch and the After Work Drinks are getting a Pride Month makeover, too. Employees can also look forward to rainbow themed dishes in the staff restaurants on individual days. As a highlight, Roche's Swiss LGBTQIA+ community will take part in the largest public Swiss Pride event of the year, theon 17 June.

Pride Month is not the only time the community is active. Throughout the year, OPEN organises regular meetings at various Roche sites in Switzerland and around the world. OPEN was founded by Roche employees in Basel in 2012 and is now active in more than 20 countries worldwide within the Roche Group. In Switzerland alone, there are over 400 members and allies at the Basel, Kaiseraugst, Rotkreuz, Buonas and Schlieren sites. Together with leaders, allies and local communities, OPEN strives to create a global environment of equality where all Roche employees around the world feel comfortable bringing their true, authentic selves to work. In Switzerland, OPEN works with other Roche employee resource groups and LGBTQIA+ professional networks from other companies to promote a diverse and inclusive culture at work and in society.

This is done through regular interaction, consulting to management and internal functions, and support through information, discussion and mentoring. A network such as OPEN strengthens our culture of openness, respect and inclusion by involving employees in all aspects of their personality and individuality.

With success: Amongst others in 2021, Roche in Switzerland was awarded thea quality label for organisations based in Switzerland that are committed to internal equality for LGBTI people.

At Roche, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (D, E & I) are important elements of our culture and at the heart of Roche’s strategy to deliver personalised care for patients across the world. We think beyond visible characteristics to the qualities that make each person unique, ensuring everyone can be themselves, do their best work and thrive. Embracing diversity as a driver of innovation in service of patients, as an innovative employer we strive to create an inclusive work environment where each individual is respected and can fully contribute their own skills, experiences and perspectives. 

That makes us very happy! At Roche, we believe that everyone should be proud of who they are, regardless of their sexual identity or orientation. At Roche it starts with us - every individual has a role to play in creating a welcoming space where curiosity and ideas can flourish. We are all responsible for creating an open and safe space at Roche so together we embrace the unique power of each person to transform the lives of patients and society. 

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