Recap of Pride Month 2024: Diversity and inclusion at Roche

Pride month marks a time of celebration, reflection and solidarity. The focus is on diversity, self-empowerment and fundamental principles for an inclusive and inclusive society. In June, the LGBTQ+ community around the world celebrated their sense of individuality and their successes in the fight for equality.

Roche is a global supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. The journey to self-acceptance and recognising one's identity can be an enormous challenge in itself, which is often underestimated. Which is why, without acceptance and inclusion, it is difficult to realise one's full potential - a complex journey that requires both personal and societal adjustments.

At Roche, we believe that our backgrounds, histories and identities foster innovation and creativity. June in rainbow colours provides an important framework to raise awareness and drive progress in the recognition of these values.

It is also the responsibility not only of Roche as a company, but of all of us, to create an environment where diversity is valued and encouraged. This collective support encourages people and enables them to be authentic and grow successfully. Teresa Harris Graham, CEO of Roche Pharmaceuticals, shared her thoughts: "We can have a deeply personal and positive impact by simply being there for people and creating the space for them to thrive at work."Β 

Ideally, this awareness not only permeates June thanks to the many Pride activities, but inspires and shapes our thinking 365 days a year.

This year's Global OPEN (Out, Proud and Equal Network) Pride Month consisted of numerous hybrid and online events that enabled Roche employees to celebrate Pride Month #FromWhereverYouAre. At Roche in Switzerland, this year's motto was "ViBe" (Visibility and Belonging). And more than 130 Roche employees were indeed visible at the 25th Pride Walk in Zurich in mid-June. The OPEN (Out, Proud and Equal Network) community members and allies of the company danced through the streets and alleyways, together with a record number of 50,000 participants.

Roche Chief Diversity Officer Caroline Creven Fourrier, PhD, proudly walked the streets with her two daughters, proving that diversity and inclusion don't just happen behind a desk.

We can also be proud of our Swiss LGBTI label. The Swiss LGBTI label is awarded to recognise companies and organisations with an open and inclusive organisational culture and to promote the inclusion of LGBTI people. Roche was recertified on 12 June 2024 for our commitment to diversity and inclusion of queer people in the workplace. The label is valid for 3 years.

Despite years of progress, the need for tolerance, acceptance and respect for the LGBTQ+ community remains. Amnesty International points out that people around the world continue to be discriminated against and attacked because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Pride events are therefore crucial to challenge homophobic and transphobic laws, change hearts and minds and strengthen the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

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