Roche in Rotkreuz

Rotkreuz is one of the most important sites for the Diagnostics business, and home to all the central functions and business areas

Over the past few years, the Roche site in Rotkreuz has undergone a huge transformation. It is now one of the ultramodern and important employers in the region, attracting talented young people from Switzerland and abroad. In addition to Roche Diagnostics International AG, the affiliates Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland) AG and Roche Diabetes Care (Switzerland) AG are also located at the site. Rotkreuz is one of the most important sites for the diagnostics business, and home to all the central functions and business areas.

The Roche site in Rotkreuz has grown steadily since its founding in Canton Zug in 1969.

Rotkreuz is located in the heart of Switzerland in Canton Zug, halfway between Lucerne and Zurich and only 30 minutes from Zurich airport. Zug is situated in the centre of a medtech cluster consisting of numerous other medicinal technology, pharma and healthcare companies and universities and other institutions of higher education. The region has developed into a major business location for industrial, trade and services in the medtech industry.

Roche Diagnostics International Ltd

Roche Diagnostics International Ltd is a global leading provider of diagnostic systems for clinics, laboratories and doctors’ practices.

Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland) Ltd

Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland) Ltd is the Swiss sales organization for a wide range of in-vitro diagnostics.

Roche Diabetes Care (Switzerland) Ldt

Roche Diabetes Care (Switzerland) Ltd distributes diabetes-related products, digital solutions and services in Switzerland.

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